Early-stage Companies

Inside the Innovation Campus’ Venture Creation Center, emerging companies advance the research underlying their innovations. With support from Northeastern’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, they move from proof of concept to preparing to commercialize their technologies off site.

Advanced autonomous designs for unmanned flight systems


Bionet Sonar

Smart medical implants with wireless connectivity based on ultrasonic waves instead of traditional microwaves, enabling the “Internet of Medical Things”


Boston Intelligent Systems and Technology

Millimeter-wave system imaging and navigation systems



Technology for growing chemical- and GMO-free produce close to points of consumption indoors while cutting seed-to-harvest cycle times, without the need for sun, soil, or pesticides


14bis Supply Tracking

A digital and physical-asset tracking solution that leverages blockchain technology, for use in aerospace and defense supply chains and logistics



Radiation, chemical, and ion-detection sensors that leverage the quantum properties of nanomaterials to create low-cost, low-power detectors deployable at city-scale



New treatments for metabolic disorders, pain, addiction, and neurological diseases that target the body’s endocrine system



Delivering novel technologies for the control of intelligent machines, such as robotics, drones, and smart transportation


Metamagnetics, Inc.

High-end radiofrequency and power components to enhance the performance and effectiveness of mission-critical security, surveillance, and communication systems


NeuroFieldz, Inc.

Mobile brain and eye monitoring technologies that test for glaucoma, macular degeneration, amblyopia, traumatic brain injury, and other conditions


PafosPharma, LLC

Novel medications for therapeutic indications related to the body’s endocrine system



Van-mounted, ground-penetrating radar, millimeter wave, and acoustic sensors with high-speed digital photography for mobile pavement and road asset inspection


Theranano, Inc.

Nanomedicine and nanoimaging technology for prostate, breast, ovarian, and other cancers


Transversal Therapeutics

Saliva-based nanosensing platform for health surveillance and disease detection


 Vavotar Life Sciences

Novel drugs that target tumors, including monoclonal antibodies, other proteins, and cytotoxic (chemotherapeutic) molecules



Testing for vaping chemical contents

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