Innovation Campus at Burlington, MA

Accelerate innovation with a Northeastern partnership.

Our unique, customizable research partnership model offers:

Co-Location with and access to university faculty and PhD students

Joint project planning and management to speed progress toward goals

Flexible IP policies that benefit all participants

Expertise in areas that include novel materials and devices; manufacturing; national security, cybersecurity, and intelligence; drug analysis and testing; structural testing of materials and designs; large-structure design and testing; and data analytics, systems modeling, and network science

Rigorous, ITAR-compliant protocols and practices in a secure environment

Customized training and educational programs to give teams a competitive edge

“With Northeastern, we’re excited to share capabilities and scientific knowledge, creating new materials solutions to help power, protect, and connect the world.”

Robert Daigle, Vice President for Research and Development and Chief Technology Officer, Rogers Corporation

Our Centers & Facilities

Expeditionary Cyber and Unmanned Aerial System R&D Facility

Within this unique indoor-outdoor facility, researchers test unmanned, autonomous technologies with applications for surveillance, cybersecurity, and disaster response.

Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security

Inside KRI, industry partner R&D teams are co-located in wet and dry laboratories with Northeastern’s faculty and students, working to solve complex challenges in security, intelligence, and resilience.

Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory

This laboratory trains pharmaceutical industry regulators from the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation’s 21 member countries in methods essential for ensuring the safety and quality of biotherapeutics.

Venture-Creation Center

Within this cost-efficient facility and wet laboratory, faculty research has given rise to new companies, including Boston Materials, which has developed a new class of super-strong carbon fiber composite.

Building 5

This $70-million mixed-use facility, opened to new industry partners in 2019, offers research laboratories, convening space for 400 people, and a 10,000-square-foot makerspace.

Research & Partnership Spotlights

Mimicking a squid’s camouflage

Harnessing the optical properties of granules that allow squid and other cephalopods to change color, Assistant Professor Leila Deravi is developing films and fibers that could one day transfer these creatures’ camouflaging properties to protective coatings, fabrics, and other materials.

Leila Deravi

Printing in 3D, at nanoscale

University Distinguished Professor Ahmed Busnaina developed the world’s first automated nanoscale 3D printer, NanoOPS. He works with leading companies to manufacture nano-size electronics, including sensor components.

Ahmed Busnaina

Securing wireless communications

Professor Guevara Noubir works with the U.S. Navy, DARPA, Google, and other partners to thwart security and privacy challenges to wireless and mobile communications, which include 5G cellular and WiFi, IoT, aerial, and underwater systems.

Guevara Noubir

Orchestrating drone swarms

By integrating video, audio, radar, and infrared data, Associate Professor José Martinez Lorenzo uses new algorithms to control, in real time, the flight path and sensing and networking functions of swarms made up of hundreds of drones.

José Martinez Lorenzo

News & Updates

State-of-the-art drone-testing facility opens on the Burlington campus

Northeastern formally opened its new research facility with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 8, 2019. Guests included military and business leaders who will partner with the university in cybersecurity testing on drones.

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