Welcome to Northeastern’s Innovation Campus. At this center for advancing technology, the university partners with industry, government, and academia on new ways to power, protect, connect, and transform our world.

The campus, located on Boston’s Route 128 high-tech corridor, accelerates innovation and discovery in emerging fields, from cybersecurity and nanomedicine to network science and life sciences. Current priorities aim to:

  • Strengthen the ability of the U.S. and state and local communities to avert, mitigate, and recover from catastrophes natural and human-made
  • Advance U.S. competitiveness in the cyber age
  • Enhance the safety of new pharmaceuticals
  • Provide preparedness training to the National Guard in homeland security domestically and abroad
  • Develop new materials and manufacturing sensors at nanoscale
  • Develop and assess technologies to meet the needs of the warfighter, intelligence analyst, and homeland security practitioner

Do you have an ambitious goal in research and development? A technical challenge to address? A need to amplify training and education for your organization? If so, contact us. Together we’ll explore the many benefits of an Innovation Campus partnership.

David Luzzi
Senior Advisor to the President
Senior Vice Provost for Research
Vice President, Innovation Campus at Burlington, Massachusetts

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Northeastern’s Innovation Campus accelerates technology and innovation through a uniquely powerful, customizable partnership model.

Leadership and faculty

Experts from industry, government, and academia join with faculty and students to translate discoveries into revolutionary technologies, materials, and systems.

Our facilities

At this 14-acre hub of research breakthroughs and entrepreneurship, companies, startups, federal agencies, and universities convene.