The candidate will participate as a part of a highly collaborative research team comprising chemists, biologists, and engineers within the Biomaterials Design Group led by Leila Deravi in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Northeastern University. The position will be based out of Northeastern’s Innovation Campus in Burlington, MA. The candidate will be expected to contribute to protocol development; synthesis and scaling of pigments, preliminary design of coating formulations, and consolidating their findings concisely in regular research updates/reports. The appointment is for one year and may be extended pending regular progress evaluation.


  • Synthesis, purification, and scaling of pigments for coatings (including protocol development and validation)
  • Prepare and write research updates, reports, presentations, etc


  • BS degree in chemistry, materials science/engineering or related field (M.S. preferred)
  • Knowledge in fundamental organic and biological chemistry with a demonstrated independence in design and execution of experiments.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A strong background and proven track record in synthetic chemistry with familiarity in designing, synthesizing, and characterizing small molecules.
  • A basic understanding of formulation design for coatings including their characterization will be required.
  • Experience in translating a synthetic approach from the mg scale to the 100’s mg or gram scale would be a bonus